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We carefully created from start, a special glass bottle for our O2 Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, to carry it protectively to you. Matching our product’s fundamental philosophy, we came around a solution, that is simple at first glance, still technically quite innovative. Our high quality glass bottle, is at first totally fluoridated in order to keep our Olive Oil protected from high amounts of light. Then, in order for our customers to be able to see our Olive Oil through the glass, a “visible window” is created, by painting the lower part of the bottle with a special transparent like paint on top of the Fluoridated part, making it less rough and allowing light to reflect through it easier. In this way, the lower round window of our bottle is made “transparent” enough for the light to come out and for our customers to enjoy the unique color of O2 Olive Oil, though not fully transparent, partially protecting therefore our Olive Oil from direct light, even at this part of the bottle. We matched simplicity, looks and protective means of packaging for O2 Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with as less material as possible, protecting it adequately, and at the same time providing our customers the chance to see our virgin green Olive Oil as much as possible.




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30020, Greece


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