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People involved in O2 Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil production process, have a long run loving and quality based relationship with Olive Oil. Olive trees in Greece, and especially in Naupaktia region, are of average age more than 70 years old, being cultivated either directly as the Koroneiki famous olive variety or as wild olive trees grafted with the Koroneiki variety. The Olive trees of our region are part of an irreplaceable heritage of nature, respected from ancient times till today.

On this natural heritage, people from the region have based their living habits and their nutrition, for many generations, Olive Oil being consistently a basic part of. Traditionally, Naupaktia produces one of the finest Olive Oils in Greece, with extremely low acidity (0.1-0.3%), a unique color and a taste of strong fruity characteristics.

We have decided to come at the modern forefront of our natural heritage and introduce cultivation, harvest, extraction and handling methods that transform this splendid quality of Olive Oil into a real gift of nature.

Our vision, is the production of the finest quality of Olive Oil made available to people that appreciate its value in everyday life. During the development of O2 concept, we tried to carefully integrate all stages of Olive Oil production, always demanding of ourselves to deliver the topmost quality to our customers.

Being capable of mobilizing local resources for the appropriate implementation of our values and vision, we carefully preserve traditional cultivation methods, and at the same time we are commited to innovation, quality, and appropriate process control.

O2 Olive Oil Blog


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