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O2 is a Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, of innovative design and unique production process, from Naupaktia region in central Greece. Having quality at the forefront of our vision, we bring you a product of unparallel value from small, family owned organic cultivated groves, with taste and chemical characteristics certified and detailed on every year’s harvest. Carefully picked unripe olives are cold pressed directly after picking two times a day, in a dual phase organic certified press mill. O2 is stored in ideal conditions right afterwards, and hand bottled only upon demand. Nutritionally lavish, at the intersection of food and medicine, O2 Agourelaio from Koutsourelia (local Ladoelia) and Koroneiki varieties, is a medium fruity Olive Oil with its aromas becoming clearer and more distinct as time passes.





O2, a Premium Olive Oil of zero compromises.

Organic Extra Virgin, Rich in antioxidants, poor in Acidity.

Koroneiki and Koutsourelia varieties mixed during pressing.

Medium fruity well balanced flavor.

Bottled totally unfiltered.

From Grove to Storage in less than 9 hours.

Quality Traceability via Bottle Tracking Number - BTN for each bottle.

European Organic Cultivation Certification compliance.

Environmentally friendly production process.

Ideal storage and hand bottling conditions.

Minimal Elegant Protective Bottle.

No light - full see through.

A balanced symbiosis of tradition and innovation


“LITHEO” Company


Riza Naupaktias,

Naupaktos, Aitoloakarnania

30020, Greece


Tel: +306946534100 +302117059825

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