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Recently, selected parts of the region were certified as organic cultivation under transition, whereby all cultivation practices from there on, comply wholly with the requirements of the European Organic Cultivation Certification Standards. Starting with the Harvest of 2012 (November – December), LITHEO company has decided to promote an innovative practice in the extraction and production of Olive Oil from its organic certified groves. More specifically, starting with the hand picking of Olives from specially trained personnel along with the use of light machinery so as to preserve the olives’ excellent condition to its fullest, the fruits are handled and gathered in burlap sacks. Directly afterwards, the olives are pressed in an ISO Organic certified dual phase Olive Oil mill (totally cold extraction process) two times a day. Therefore our Olive Oil is extracted at a maximum of three hours time after picking. The usage of water is limited only to washing the olives before extraction. By minimizing the amount of water required and lowering the temperature of extraction (less than 25 C) we are able to preserve much of the natural antioxidants (Polyphenols) present in Olive Oil. This innovative method of production guarantees the finest quality of Olive Oil with ultra low acidity and even more importantly, gives our company total control of the overall product quality. After extraction, our Olive Oil is stored at its most valuable form (unfiltered) in stainless steel tanks with no oxygen content. It will be directly hand bottled only upon demand, ensuring deliverance to our customers at its most natural state. Therefore, Olive Oil is treated as few times as possible, avoiding contagion and loss of quality due to many transfusions and transportation stages.




Cultivation of our Organic Certified groves, has started some 70 to 100 years ago. Koroneiki and local ladoelia (Koutsourelia) varieties are the major Olive varieties, making one of the world’s most robust and fruity Olive Oils

1. Organic Cultivation
2. Olive groves age +70 Years
3. Koroneiki & Koutsourelia Varieties
4. + Koroneiki Variety grafted from Wild Olive trees



Harvesting is done by a specialized team, with long experience in olives harvesting, and equipped with the most harmless equipment for olive Picking

1. Early Harvest
2. Use of hand picking means
3. Slight use of mechanical means
4. Specialized personnel
5. Use of appropriate non plastic suits-gloves, sacks



Extraction of O2 Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is made directly after picking, two times a day under our innovative process in a Dual Phase, Olive Oil Cold Extraction, Organic certified press mill, located near the groves

1. Dual Phase Olive Oil extraction
2. Extraction, MAX 3 hours after harvest
3. Totally Cold Extracted
4. No use of water
5. Reduced residues, no water residues



Storage of produced O2 Olive Oil is done directly after extraction to our Company’s certified Underground Installations

1. Stored in Stainless Steel Tanks
2. Directly after extraction
3. Unfiltered
4. Controlled room temperature
5. Oxygen free environment
6. Underground protected Installation Area



Bottling is done by hand upon Customer demand, to certified Glass Bottles

1. Hand bottled on demand
2. Certified Bottle suppliers
3. Numbered Bottle tracking (BTN)
4. Site Login to trace individual bottle information (BTN)
5. Actual Chemical parameters for each bottle
6. Final Quality test before shipping





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